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Sports Massage for Prevention and Enhancement

08 May

Sports massage concentrates on the individual need of the professional athlete and is used before, throughout, and after athletic occasions. The function of sports massage is to prepare the professional athlete for peak performance. It eases muscle tension and stress, alleviates swelling, recedes tiredness, promotes versatility and avoids injury. Assisting recovery and boosting performance, whether you are a professional athlete or a periodic sports person, sports massage assists you carry out to the very best of your capability.

How Sports Massage Differs from Other Types of Massage

Continued overuse of the body which happens from methodically increasing levels of training can trigger small injuries and sores, triggering imbalances in the soft tissues. Massage has been used for several years as a recovery treatment and advantages the body as a whole in a variety of methods. Sports massage works primarily to ease the develop of tension and stress which takes place in the soft tissues of the body throughout the exercise. The technique might vary depending upon the area of the issue to be resolved.

Depending upon the professional athlete's need, the strategy might include a mix of Swedish massage and shiatsu. 3 primary strokes are used in sports massage. These consist of:

  • Effleurage


Sliding strokes with the palms, fingertips, and thumbs typically performed at the start and end of a sports massage session.

  • Petrissage


Kneading motions with the hands, thumbs, and fingers used on much deeper tissues to cause relaxation, stretch muscle fibers and activate fluids.

  • Friction


Circular pressure with the palms, thumbs, and fingers. Used mostly for exploratory functions or for much deeper more agonizing motions, this stroke breaks down sores and current scar tissue and separates muscle fibers. Friction needs to just be used for brief durations as longer durations can trigger inflammation and swelling.

How is Sports Massage Used?
Sports massage can include avoidance, upkeep, and rehab and is used:

pre-event: targeted at reducing injury and enhancing performance;

inter-event: assisting the professional athlete to recuperate and get ready for the next occasion;

post-event: concentrating on tissue normalization and repair work, promoting psychological and physical relaxation.


Exactly what are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

The consistent develop of stress from overuse can worry the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Resulting muscle imbalances, if without treatment, can result in pain and hinder performance.

Sports massage benefits the professional athlete in lots of methods and is really effective for launching muscle stress and bring back balance to the musculoskeletal system assisting professional athletes to avoid injuries.

It is likewise useful for:

reducing muscle stress.

improving versatility.

improving blood flow & lymphatic circulation.

reducing heart rate and high blood pressure.

relieving discomfort.

assisting in the elimination of metabolic waste.

sedating or promoting nerve endings.

increasing/decreasing muscle tone and length.

assists in psychological preparation.


Is Sports Massage Safe?

Sports massage is reasonably safe. Nevertheless, just like all massage treatments, there are times when sports massage might be harmful instead of helpful to you.

You need to not get a sports massage if any of the following exists:




varicose veins, phlebitis, apoplexy.

tumors - where there is swelling, which is irregular with current bruising.

open injuries, current bruising, sprained ligaments, muscle tears, chilblains , contusions, burns.

infectious skin illness, bacterial infection, lymphangitis, fungal and viral infections.


If in any doubt, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before getting a sports massage and in specific if you feel weak, have a heat, or have any signs that might need medical guidance.

Why Have a Sports Massage?

Massage is now thought about an essential part of most expert sports programs. Sports coaches and high carrying out professional athletes alike are of the belief that massage supplies an additional edge. Consisting of routine sports massage into your conditioning program can have physiological and mental advantages leading to enhanced power and performance.