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About Us

08 May

From the first day in 2002, the We Love Massagebrand name was constructed on the structure of assisting people feel their finest. But We Love Massageis not specified by its position as a classification leader, rather by the lives altered by the work of therapists and estheticians throughout the nation. We Love Massagehas made healing massage services and skin care options available to a network of more than 1.65 million members in franchised places throughout the United States.

And it's all because of a belief that massage and skin care aren't a high-end; they're body upkeep, pure and basic-- part of your overall body care regimen. Routine massage and facial care go a long way towards assisting members and visitors of We Love Massage franchised areas look after themselves and do more-- do more of exactly what matters to them, exactly what makes them delighted, exactly what makes them feel healthy and supports a healthier way of life.